Romantic Paris: The Saint-Louis island

The history of Saint Louis Island

Ils aux vaches - Ile Notre Dame 1609
L’île aux vaches et l’île Notre Dame en 1609

The island of Saint Louis was given by King Louis the Bald, grandson of Charlemagne, to the bishop of Paris in 867. It was then divided in two under Philippe Auguste when the capital was fortified, and a canal was built in the extension of the surrounding walls. It is under Louis XIII that the urbanization will start and that the channel will be filled in to reunify the two islands. The subdivision was practically completed in 1664. A large number of hotels built at this time are the work of the architect Louis Le Vau.

The walk

The route we propose differs slightly from the one in the video because we did not take the quays of Orleans and did not go to the square Barye.

The tour we deliver here takes about two hours. The departure is at Notre Dame where you can see the renovation site which is particularly impressive. You can then go around the island along the Seine, passing by the Square Barye.

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Square Barye
Square Barye

You will then take the quay of Anjou where you will be able to admire very beautiful private mansions.

Hôtel Lambert - Ile St Louis
Hôtel Lambert, the most expensive private mansion in Paris
Quai d'Anjou - Ile St Louis
Quai d’Anjou
Quai d'Anjou - Ile St Louis
Quai d’Anjou

Having completed the tour of the island, you will have the opportunity to stop at the San Regis Bar or at one of the two nearby cafés, both of which offer a pleasant terrace that you can enjoy if you are lucky.

Café le Saint Regis - Ile St Louis
The Café le Saint Regis, which we particularly like
Terrasses café - Ile St Louis

You will then take the street Saint-Louis en l’île to discover its stores. It is impossible not to mention the Bertillon ice creams.

The artisanal ice creams of the Bertillon ice cream maker are characterized by the quality and the variety of the flavors. This ice cream shop, which is located on the street Saint-Louis en l’île, supplies all the ice cream shops of the island Saint Louis. In summer, you will find lines at many ice cream shops. As the ice creams are all of the same quality, the one we recommend, because the wait is shorter, is located on an adjacent street, the rue des Deux-Ponts.

Bertillon - Ile St Louis
The Bertillon boutique opens on March 8
The ice cream shop that we recommend, because of its greater fluidity, is located on rue des Deux-Ponts.

To end your walk you can then visit the church Saint-Louis-en-l’île which is quite charming.

Saint-Louis-en-l'île - Le roi Louis IX
Saint-Louis-en-l’île – King Louis IX (Saint Louis) holding the crown of thorns of Christ acquired in 1206 for 135,000 livres tournois (about 60 million euros), representing at the time the state budget.

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