Authentic Paris: Passage Verdeau, Passage Jouffroy and Rue Cadet

What we’re proposing is a little gourmet and cultural stroll. You’ll cross two of the capital’s historic passageways, have lunch in a typical, affordable bistro or do a little shopping in a picturesque pedestrian street, to fuel your afternoon coffee break. Here are just three of the best addresses. See the walk in Google Maps : Clic here

Passage Jouffroy

The Passage Jouffroy is an emblematic covered passageway in Paris, stretching over a length of 140 meters. It is one of the city’s most popular passages. Since its creation, it has attracted a large number of visitors. It continues from the Passage des Panoramas and links up with the Passage Verdeau, creating a charming continuity.

France, and Paris in particular, have played an important role in the development and popularization of covered passageways. The 19th century saw the creation of numerous covered passageways in Paris, as part of the renovations and urban planning undertaken by Baron Haussmann.

The passage is characterized by a metal structure topped by a glass roof, which allows pleasant natural light to penetrate. When first conceived, the purpose of the passages was to provide a weatherproof shopping area and link the city’s main thoroughfares. In 1987, the passage was renovated, preserving its historic character while adapting it to modern needs.

Passage Verdeau is home to many interesting stores, including bookstores, print stores, toy and stationery stores. At one end, you’ll find the famous Musée Grévin, where lifelike wax figures are sure to fascinate younger visitors.

We highly recommend a stop at the Librairie du Passage, with its many antiquarian books, some of them quite rare.

You’ll find beautiful silver prints, some of them vintage…
…and a picture store where paintings are renovated

Passage Verdeau

Passage Verdeau is another emblematic covered passage. It was built in 1847. This picturesque passage is famous for its specialized boutiques, art galleries and antique shops.

The atmosphere is just as authentic and charming as in the Passage Jouffroy. Whether you’re an antiques enthusiast or looking for a unique experience, Passage Verdeau is a must-see, where history and culture blend harmoniously.

First tip: Lunch at the Bistrot Verdeau

The bistrot Verdeau is a pleasant enough place to relax :

The restaurant offers a menu featuring classic French cuisine at affordable prices. We tested it for you. The place is pleasant, and the service is fast and courteous. It’s a good place for lunch.
Egg mayonnaise: simple and good
Herring and apples in oil. Another classic of everyday French cooking.
The must-try Andouillette 5A (the “5A” label is used to designate an andouillette that meets specific quality criteria, generally from a given region and produced using traditional methods).
Like the previous dishes, the Beef Tartare is just right.
We finished our lunch with a crème brulée, essential to complete our testing, but was it reasonable?

In conclusion, this bistro offers a pleasant setting and traditional French cuisine at an affordable price. We recommend it.

Our 2nd Plan: : A la Mère de Famille

“A la Mère de Famille” is a famous Parisian confectionery-chocolatery founded in 1761. It is one of the oldest confectioneries in the city. The store, listed as a historic monument, offers a selection of confectionery, chocolates, sugared almonds and other delicacies. You’ll find a variety of bonbons, caramels, nougats, marshmallows, fruit jellies and many other specialties. Their products are handcrafted using traditional methods and quality ingredients.

Exiting the Passage Verdeau, a quick right will bring you to the “A la Mère de Famille” store.

Rue Cadet

Rue Cadet is known for its many local shops. You’ll find bakeries, grocery stores, fishmongers, cheese shops, wine merchants, cafés and restaurants. It’s a pleasant place to shop for food or enjoy a gourmet break.

One of the many food shops on Rue Cadet

Our 3rd tip: The Cannelés of Maison Dupuy

The place doesn’t look like much. Yet it’s home to the best canelés in Paris.
A very artisanal showcase with a moving merchandising. The canelés are magnificent. Fresh, crunchy, creamy, vanilla flavored. This address alone is worth the stroll. Enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed the walk. If, like us, you’re feeling guilty after this peregrination, you can always plan a jog along the banks of the Canal St Martin. We’ll tell you all about it another time…

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